My versatility is evidenced in the broad range of topics I can write on, from cats to nuclear reactors. My copy shows a deep level of research, a skill I honed from studying at the highest level. My reliability is demonstrated by the fact that I have good working relationships and have been rehired by almost all editors who have commissioned me. My commitment to quality is evidenced in glowing testimony. My clips show a great commitment to acquiring expert comment; I regularly source comment from people at the very top of their field, or from interesting laypersons. My attention to detail in presenting this clips page stands as good testimony to the extra mile I go in all that I do.


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Our Testimony

It’s rare to find a health professional able and willing to augment their own expertise with divergent perspectives, as is imperative for presenting a balanced magazine feature story. With an uncommon knack for pitching original story angles framed within her professional experience and executing them with flair and non-partisanship, Nicola has earned repute as a dextrous contributor to Women’s Health & Fitness magazine.
Rebecca Long, Editor of Women’s Health & Fitness magazine