During my PhD in health psychology, I trained in patient-reported outcomes and systematic reviews at the University of Oxford. This work made me visible to Macmillan Cancer Support, who commissioned me to facilitate their National Cancer Survivorship Initiative. In 2008, I founded Health Psychology Consultancy (Trusted Writer Ltd.) to provide my expertise to a wider audience, particularly the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. For over a decade, I have been researching and writing large industry reports that offer actionable insights to pharma companies and healthcare professionals. Today, I am a leading writer in pharma intelligence.

I’m very much a person of two halves. You will either find me at my desk working hard or, when I finally do leave the house, it is normally for an adventure.

I live with my partner and 4 wonderful cats:

One way I add adventure to my life is through urban exploring. For those who have never heard of this, it is basically travelling the world exploring abandoned buildings. This is the amazing abandoned communist HQ in Bulgaria.

As you can see, even when I’m urban exploring I am likely wearing something with a cat on it.

This next photo is known as the Ghost Church in the Czech Republic. Can you spot the two imposters?

On other occasions you can encounter the unexpected. It would emerge that this abandoned copper mine was an active dumping ground for Cyprus’s first serial killer.

Urban exploring can be very hit and miss. Here is one of the many piles of rubble we have accidentally visited.

Another passion is rollercoasters, with one adventure being to go from theme park to theme park on a rollercoaster holiday. As you can see, it does take its toll.

When I’m not urban exploring or flying through the air on a rollercoaster, I’m skiing. Skiing didn’t come naturally to me, but after years of battling to stay upright I’m finally at a reasonable level.

I also travel to Cyprus twice a year to assist in neutering stray cats. This is Little Mo recovering.

This is our favourite street cat, Aslan, who we have known for years and try to find almost as soon as the aeroplane lands.