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Test of Our Consultancy Service


Proofreading Editing Ghostwriting


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Here is text of medical and business writing

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A few of the 140 journals and magazines I’ve written for


Behavioural Science Consultancy for a Companion Oncology PSP

For approximately one year, I have been helping develop a companion PSP to be offered alongside new pharmacologicals for breast and lung cancer. The focus has been on innovative ways of segmenting patients, and measuring outcomes.

Psychological Profiler for Amazon Primes ‘Underground Serial Killer’

I was interviewed on the psychology behind Kieran Kelly, a homeless serial killer who operated in London from 1953 to 1983. Through research and in-depth analysis, I offered new insights not identified in any other coverage on Kelly. The documentary is still in production by Woodcut Media and will be available later this year.

CPD on Behavioural Science for Effective Messaging

This course by Ogilvy added to my expertise on leveraging behavioural science to drive impactful communications. Topics included digital advertising, psychometry, targeted messaging, and the brave new world of free flowing data on messaging.

CPD on Behavioural Science for Brands

This course added to my expertise on how cognitive biases impact choices, evolving that knowledge to how these biases can be applied to increase the attractiveness of any product or service.

Colorectal Cancer Clinical Panel

Based on a 2.5-hour advisory board held in Chicago, I created a 10,000-word report to guide a Top 10 pharmaceutical company’s strategic decision-making around current and future assets.

Psychological Profiler on Amazon Primes ‘Becoming Ian Brady’

Over a three-part series, I offered psychological insights into the early life and later crimes of one of the UK’s most notorious serial killers, Ian Brady.

Our Testimony

Producing high-quality, well-researched, valuable content on a continuous basis is challenging and requires a constellation of qualities that Nicola possesses in spades: confidence, persistence and passion. She delivers a high-quality product and is a pleasure to work with.
Deirdre Coleman, Content Specialist, Freelance Writer & Editor
“I can whole heartedly recommend Nicola. She brings with her a wealth of experience, passion and enthusiasm that you can feel when reading her articles. We have worked with Nicola in a number of different ways, she has written pieces for COUCH, for our clients and also been involved in new business pitches.”
Ash Rishi, Content Specialist, Freelance Writer & Editor
“I love your work and was so impressed how quickly you put together the great Artificial Intelligence piece. You understood it all so well, so quickly.”
Dr Andree Bates, President of Eularis
“I think all your ideas are excellent, which is a first for me! They fit very nicely with our main areas of interest.”
Hugh Gosling, Chief Editor and Head of Content, eyeforpharma
“I know this might sound OTT, but it’s one of the best articles I’ve ever seen written for us. It’s simple, short, practical and insightful.”
Paul Simms, Eyeforpharma Chairman
“Very much look forward to seeing it go live, and certainly if you would like to collaborate again I would be delighted to do so. You’ve nicely captured the current challenges for the Industry, and in an accessible style.”
Nigel Hughes, Director, Integrative Healthcare Informatics, Janssen R&D
“Nicola is a very meticulous and reliable writer with a great eye for detail and context. Her background in health psychology mixes very well with her technical knowledge to consistently produce articles that capture both the technical and the human sides to stories. She has also proved herself very useful as an all rounder and has written widely for our energy publications – more often than not to very tight deadlines.”
Daniel Garrun, Managing Editor Online, NRi Digital
Nicola was a delight to work with and an absolutely integral part of the team! On a tricky project, she pulled together some great insights I don’t believe we would have gotten anywhere close too without her! She was passionate, flexible and went the extra mile to ensure what we had to use was of the utmost quality! I would HIGHLY recommend Nicola to anyone!
Charlie Mason, Senior Account Manager, IDEA Pharma
I’ve been working closely with Nicola for several months to design, build and implement a PSP for people living with lupus. At the heart of the PSP is a health coaching service which helps patients to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to self-manage their condition in the long-term. Nicola has taken the lead in creating this coaching service and I’ve been very impressed by the high quality of her work, professionalism and teamwork skills. Nicola’s deep expertise in health psychology has enabled us to create a service which delivers real value to patients and HCPs.
Ben Donaghue, Management Consultant at PEN
I have worked with Nicola when developing digital solutions for people living with different diseases. Nicola has been great with both bringing insights on health behaviours to the team as well as helping the team translate those insights into tangible actions. I particularly appreciated her flexibility as we evolved our thinking and her deep involvement and genuine excitement being part of these projects.
Irene Kanter-Schlifke, Head of Customer Insights & Strategy Biogen Digital Health
I’ve worked with Dr Nicola Davies for many years. She has helped us review our content from a behavioural perspective regarding Money Guidance, for both adults and young people. She’s someone I know I can rely on to provide insightful feedback in a professional manner.
Nick Hill, Service Advice Manager, Money and Pensions Service
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicola and cannot recommend her highly enough. Nicola is driven, committed, flexible and extremely talented. Not to mention being a wonderful human. Nicola came on board at very short notice to support us with research, strategy development and copywriting on a very complex European project. She worked closely and collaboratively with the team to provide a deliverable that delighted our client…all in under 3 weeks. I’m pretty sure she’s super-human. Thank you for all that you do, Nicola. Hoping to work with you again soon!
Shona Davies, Chief Operating Officer, Upstart
Very much look forward to seeing it go live, and certainly if you would like to collaborate again I would be delighted to do so. You’ve nicely captured the current challenges for the Industry, and in an accessible style.
Nigel Hughes, Director, Integrative Healthcare Informatics, Janssen R&D