Practical expert insights for riding the COVID-19 wave and emerging stronger

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen unprecedented pressure on pharma’s supply chain.  From public stockpiling and basic materials sourcing to supplier management and locked-down logistics channels, all aspects of the supply chain have been stretched at a time when the uninterrupted flow of medicines is most critical.

The speed of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fragility in some aspects of pharma’s supply chain structure.  But this is an opportunity as well as a challenge and provides powerful lessons which, if implemented, will radically improve overall supply chain efficiency and resilience in the long-term.

Experts provide unique insights and guidance

That is why this new report is critical reading. By harnessing multidisciplinary expertise, the report maps COVID-19-related problems and solutions throughout the entire supply chain.  Uniquely, the report goes beyond the technical aspects of the supply chain to provide insights into the psychology of those behaviours that could disrupt the supply chain further, such as stockpiling or organisational complacency.

Key questions examined include…

  • Do you understand pandemic-driven human behaviour and how to ease the pressure it places on the supply chain?
  • Decreased output due to sick leave and quarantine is a high risk, so what steps can pharma take to nurture resilient employees in critical roles?
  • How can companies better illuminate supply chain blind spots through improved monitoring of their Tier 2/3 suppliers?
  • Is it time to prioritise cooperation over competition by sharing inventory data, and what tools can facilitate this?
  • A lack of geo-diversity and reliance on single sources and countries is one of pharma’s biggest risk factors: what can be done?
  • Are you stuck in a hybrid model between the traditional and smart supply chain? If so, how can you accelerate the digital transformation and enter supply chain 4.0?
  • What can we draw from the UK government’s phased approach to COVID-19 and the US government’s war on COVID-19 that will help create resilient supply chains?

Drawing on experts worldwide to contribute specialist knowledge and insights

To capture the widest experience and insights, this report is based on primary research with 35 relevant experts, including:

  • Supply chain service providers and consultancy such as Michael Alkire, President of Premier Inc., and Garry Walsh, Independent Consultant with former supply chain roles at Mundipharma, Sanofi, and GSK.
  • Pharma employed supply chain planners and managers such as Alexander Kandt of Takeda, Kristian Sibilitz of Lundbeck, and Tour Ala of Roche.
  • Transportation experts providing specialist logistics to pharma such as Karen Amado of DHL, Eyal Babich of DSV, and Mike BeeBe of Catalent Pharma Solutions.
  • Buyer-side procurement and medication supply specialists such as Muhammad Waheed of NHS England and Pharmacy Manager Abdulmubin Bux.
  • Psychological and behavioural analysts such as behavioural economist Professor David Savage and Professor Baruch Fischhoff, founding chair on the US FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee.
  • Public health representatives such as Unarose Hogan, Consultant for WHO Health Emergencies Program for COVID-19 Hospital Readiness, and a spokesperson for the US Department of Health & Human Services.

18 illustrative case studies, including…

  • Amgen work collaboratively with suppliers via supply chain mapping
  • The NHS harnesses the power of data sharing to fight COVID-19
  • DHL supply chain risk resilience platform and COVID-19
  • The US Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force
  • Johnson & Johnson harness technology and data for an “advanced manufacturing ecosystem”
  • Unravelling the toilet roll stockpiling phenomenon – lessons for pharma

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