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Colorectal Cancer Clinical Panel

Guidance for developing supported self-management interventions for cancer survivors

The Client

Macmillan Cancer Support, UK Department of Health, and University of Southampton

The Need

With increasing cancer survivorship came the increasing need for post-treatment support, particularly self-management support. Supported self-management interventions were being rolled out across the nation, necessitating a standardised, evidence-based intervention protocol.

The Action

Research assessing cancer-specific self-management support services for survivors of the four most common tumour sites (breast; colorectal; lung; prostate) was conducted to synthesise evidence of intervention success factors. Evidence synthesis comprised an examination of external and internal resources, resulting in a 3-level supported self-management development structure comprising typology, delivery and techniques.

The Outcome

A guidance document was produced and distributed to hospitals and cancer service providers outlining an evidence-based methodology for the development and implementation of supported self-management support. The guidance illuminated a process of: a needs assessment plan, determining intervention typology, selecting a theoretical framework, an intervention delivery strategy, selecting intervention techniques, activating an implementation plan, and ongoing evaluation. Key stakeholder outcomes to consider were also provided, including patient, clinician, commissioner, and policymaker outcomes.

Steve Hindle Cancer Survivorship Programme Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support “Nicola worked for the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative as a freelance writer. and co-authored several influential papers about outcome measures, lifestyle behaviour and changes to the follow up of people having treatment for cancer. She draws on her substantial background knowledge well, is thorough in her approach, reviewing all relevant material, and presents the evidence in a clear, well-structured way that is easy for readers to absorb. I would definitely employ her again should the opportunity arise.”
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I have worked with Nicola on several occasions: she has great skills in medical writing, research interview moderation, and beyond. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

The client

Top 10 Pharma Company

Alexander Gray

Chief Medical Officer, IDEA Pharma

The need

The meeting objective was to gain external expert opinion on a pharma company’s approach to drug development in colorectal cancer through review of current assets and development plans, and examination of other potential platforms and targets to complement the portfolio.

The action

A 2.5 hour face-to-face advisory board was convened during the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2023 in Chicago. The meeting was attended by eight pharma representatives and five external advisors who work in colorectal cancer. Topics of discussion included how to proceed with research on promising therapeutics, other potential mechanisms of action to explore, and whether knowledge gained at ASCO should impact decision-making.

A 10,000-word meeting report to guide strategic decision-making around current and future assets.

The outcome